You asked for it....

...and since I have an uncontrollable need to please people, I can't help but deliver. 

You see, last week we posted a JSYK on fab patterned leggings for under $6, and you all loved them, but you all wanted to know how the heck you wear them. Well, I'll tell you. But first, I'm gonna tell you how NOT to. 

Let's begin:

1. Leggings are NOT pants. They are leggings. Thus, cover your butt. Cover it. If you don't, you are just a shamefully teeny bit of spandex away from being naked. Nobody wants to see that. Cover it. 

2. That's the only rule. I don't want to see your butt. 

Now, how to wear them? It's easy. A long boyfriend cardi, a basic tunic like this or this, or a denim dress like this, some boots, accessorize it up, and you're done. 

Also, here's another way: 

 Cardi: Kohls 7.99, Leggings: Gift from S, Flats: Target 3.99, Belt: F21 1.99

Now, go, make the world a cuter place in your sassy patterned leggings.
And, send us a link to the photographic evidence if you do! We'd love to blog-stalk you!

Happy Monday!