So, ya.

Shirt/dress: Old Navy 7.00, Leggings: ROSS 4.99, Shoes: Shiekh Shoes 25.00, Bag: Kohls

So, ya, I'm reeeeally pregnant.

And my hands and feet got nice and swollen yesterday for the first time. And all of a sudden I no longer had bones in my feet, just squishy stuff. And my fingers were the size of carrots. You know, the big ones like you see Bugs Bunny carrying around, not the baby kind in bags. And also it was HOT yesterday. And clothes are just the worst things ever. And so is sitting, and laying, and standing, and walking. And all I want is to eat cold things all day, and by cold things, I mean frozen desserts, with Reese's in them. Duh.

So pretty much my dream life right now would be to be shot into outer space where I could float around weightless and nakey (cause there's no one around up there, obvi) armed with my newly enlarged feet and hands helping me to navigate the universe. And hopefully there's a Sonic up there too, like at the international space station or something. A girls gotta eat.

So, ya.
What's going on with you?