PLA DIY: Fox Cardigan

Last fall/winter Sam and I wore ducks, horses, foxes, and pretty much every other member of the animal kingdom we could get out hands on, on our sweaters. So, you can imagine our glee to see more animals on more sweaters popping up in stores this year. Then, last week when I wore yet another animal on myself when I wore this bird cardi, my DIY wheels got to turnin and it felt only natural to figure out how I could start putting animals on things MYSELF. The results were foxy. Real foxy, like with 5 foxes, to be exact. 

Here's what I did:

Cardigan: Goodwill $2.99
Fox Patches: $6.99 for a set of 6
Felt: Michaels $.89
Iron-on Transfer Paper: Michaels $1.99

How To
People, this one was so easy. If you can use an iron, you can do it. First, the patches I ordered were iron on patches, so I did just that, I ironed those suckers on. However, if you found some patches that weren't iron-on you can do what I did to make the elbow patches, make them iron-on using iron-on transfer paper. This is all really technical, I know. Thus, images to make things easier:
That's really it. Just a foxy sweater with elbow patches and, you know, foxes, made with an iron. Have a look: 

And, here's how I wore it: 

So easy, cute as heck, and you KNOW I'm gonna say it again...FOXXXY. 
Happy DIY-ing!

ox. Liz