The 'Growing-Out-Bangs' of Style Times.

"A" Mini Initial Pendant Necklace: c/o Blue Nile
Skirt: H&M 14.99
Shoes: c/o Maykool

It's that weird in-between transitional dressing time again. You know it. It's kind of the growing-out-bangs of style times. It's awkward. It's tricky. It's that time when summer is pretty much done but fall weather isn't here yet, but, since summer is over all you want to do is ditch your tees and flip flops for cardis and boots but it's too soon, says the thermometer. It's too soon.

Ah, I remember fondly how big of a problem this was while in grade school. I mean, you'd go school shopping and all the cute fall clothes would be out so you'd have to get them but then you'd only have wintery new clothes to wear on the first day of school (in August!) but you're GONNA look fly no matter what so come hell or 90 degree temps you're gonna wear that sassy sweater, tights, and boots, and still go hard on the tetherball court, subsequently resulting in sweating like a hooker in church on that first day because FASHION.

Yes, these are trying times to be a clothes lover. But, if there's anything I've learned from those sweaty first days of school outfits, it's better to look stylish and sweaty then all clean and boooooring. 

(Ok. Maybe it's not. Don't go quoting me on that one.)

So, good luck with your transitional dressing, friends. If you ever need a listening ear during these trying times, you know where to find us.

OX. Liz