Foxy + Poll Results

Let me preface my remarks today by saying how much love we feel for any and everyone who reads and comments on this blog. I could hug you. Let me also say that that love only multiplies when you all participate in one of our polls concerning your feelings about recent trends. We eat those comments up and they are delish. So, we say thanks, AND the poll results will follow my outfit pictures, along with some of our favorite commentary from the comments. So. Good. 

Now, as you may have noticed, I am wearing a fox on my sweatshirt today. This is one of the quirkiest pieces of clothing I own, and it is probably fitting to wear it today on poll results day, since wearing foxes on your clothes could surely fall into the category of a questionable trend. Nevertheless, I like it. Plus, when my hunky photographer husband saw it, he said we had to take the outfit pics in the woods, because that is where the foxes live. Duh. Obviously, I couldn't deny the logic, so we got in the car, and traveled to the woods. Just me, the fox sweatshirt, my husband, and baby R, to capture the fox in its natural habitat.

In some ways it all just makes sense. In some ways my life is really weird. This is the place where someone who says "It's allll good" would say, ya know, that. Because it is. Quirky sweatshirt, quirky husband, it's good. All of it. 

Sweatshirt: c/o SheInside
Blouse: Thrifted 3.00
Jeans: F21 9.00
Flats: Target: 4.49

Now my dear friends, I give you the poll results. In graph form. Because S is awesome and a little spastic when it comes to organization. As you can see, the most resounding no's came for the claw nails trend (I KNEW this was a trend for only crazy people and witches!), and the most yes's came for collared necklaces (yep, cute). 

(See the poll results after the jump!)

Our take?
-No galaxy.
-No wedge sneakers. I mean, aside from being a sneaker with a wedge (huh?), they have lot's of velcro on them. What?
-Yes collar necklaces.
-No No No NO almond nails.
-Eh on the floppy hats. If I see you wearing one around town in the suburbs I will think you are cray. In the big city or at the beach, you may be able to convince me.
-Tulle/Tutu: Real pretty. I would have to throw myself parties in which I could wear this, but I would surely love to wear it, and I also like to party, so, yes.
-Peplum: Cute, when done right.

And, here are some of our favs of what you said, so much funny:

Stilleto/claw nails: super creepy. I would only wear them if I was an evil creeper and plotting revenge on an ex-boyfriend's eyes...

Tulle/Tutu Skirts: I'm going on a mission and I want a tulle skirt to take with me with every fiber of my being. I have to keep reminding myself that I might ruin it riding a bike...

Galaxy Print: Only appropriate if you have pokemon cards to go with them. Or you're Ms. Frizzle on the Magic School Bus show, then sure it's great. 

Galaxy Print: No. It's like a 5th grade boy's planetarium field trip souvenir gone wrong. What's next, the good old 'wolf howling at the moon' t-shirt trend?

Wedge sneakers: Is that really a trend? May God have mercy on us all. Atrocious.

Peplum: I got enough going on right there, let's not add to it

Claw Nails: What in the H are those?

1. Gross! 
2. Gah-ross! 
3. Not gross
4. Gross with a capital G and two exclamation points. !! 
5. Not gross
6. Iffy on the grossness. Like the less fluffy the less gross.
7. Also iffy. I can't decide if it would hide or accentuate my love handles. Love handles are gross.

And that, my friends, is another successful poll, in the books! If you want to see our other polls, go here, here, and here!

ox. W 


PS. The winner of the Beverly Swimwear giveaway is.... Lexie Hanks! Congratulations! Email us at to claim your prize!!!