Over the weekend I had a realization. I am such a freak. One example:

Yesterday we had a family dinner at W's house. I was in charge of dessert, so I chose the exquisite Nestle Toll House pie. If you are like me and you purposely under-cook your cookies so they are doughy, then this pie is for you because it is basically under-cooked cookie dough in a pie crust. And it is divine.

I prepared the pie at my house in advance, but planned on baking it at W's while we ate dinner. Once dinner was over, I checked it... totally gooey. Checked it again 15 minutes later... still gooey. Checked it again 10 minutes later... just as gooey as the previous time. For some reason the stupid pie made me so freaking mad and W will tell you that I threw a little bit of a fit because the baking of the pie was not going perfectly.

Okay so I am totally uptight. I don't know what to do about it.  But if you have any tips on how to relax when a pie isn't baking perfectly, or when people don't arrive right at the exact time planned, or when I can't control everything in my life, please share. Being a perfectionist causes problems. And I need help. Right, W?

Even though life is not perfect, I will show you something that is pretty close. Remember these shoes W had as one of her Five Things on Friday? Well I ordered them in black, and I wore them all weekend. And they are so cute and so comfy and so easy to walk in. And I am in love.

All I can say is thank goodness for nearly perfect shoes that help us bounce back from not perfect pie-baking experiences.
Have a great day!