Master, free-time, and a purple skirt.

Well, you guys, I have some really great news. I am officially done with school. Forever. I passed my classes, my final projects were approved, and it’s finally over for me. If you feel the need to call me Master S, I guess that would be appropriate. 

I bet that you are wondering what I am going to do with my life now that I am done with grad school, right?  And the truth of the matter is, I have no idea, I feel totally overwhelmed with the possibilities, and I feel a little lost. Right now I am working on a couple freelance websites, and I am looking around for a real good full-time job (if you know anyone who needs a web/blog/graphic/instructional designer, feel free to send them my way). 

I am also thinking I should take advantage of this time of flexibility and freedom and get my butt in shape and actually exercise, read some quality literature (not textbooks), and perhaps participate in more shopping of the thrift variety. I had a successful thrifting trip recently, where I bought this skirt for $4 (side note: this skirt is actually lavendar, despite the pink hue it has in the pics below), and I am totally in love with it.

{shirt: Kohls $4.40, skirt: DI $4, necklace: Van Heusen 8.50, shoes: ROSS (Nine West Brand) $16.99}

Thoughts about the outfit or suggestions on how I should be spending my time? Do tell. Have a great day!
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