Results. An outfit. And fun.

Thank you all for sharing your opinions on this post from last week. Your responses were just fantastic, your arguments solid, and we really like you. And we wanted to share some of our favorite comments, because they were totally hilarious. See for yourself:

"Rompers - I don't want to have to get naked to go pee."   

"Fedoras belong on my head alwayz."

"I'm one of those people who thinks rompers give people diaper butt. Not attractive."

"Oxfords: i see this quickly leaving as a trend. but now that i say that it will stay forever. and ever. so go ahead and just go for those, everyone else is."

"Rompers -- blech... But I guess when I was 6 and growing up in the 80s I thought they were sweet. :/"

SO awesome. And, as far as my thoughts on the items in question, I am all about over-sized shirts and fedoras, I think bright lips require white teeth and fair skin, and I just can't get on board with rompers or oxfords. Not to say they don't look great on other people, but for me it's a no go. That was fun. Thanks for playing!

And for even more fun, here is an outfit I wore over the weekend. I wore it here to go to a parade, and then I wore the same dress later as a swim cover. I love a good versatile white dress, almost as much as a bar graph. 

 {dress: $6 Old Navy, leggings: $4.50 Forever21, sandals: $9 KMart}

Now, have a good day wontcha? Thanks a lot.


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