I. love. him.

Remember that time when I bragged about my husband treating me like a princess? Well, we are going to revisit that topic. Sorta.

My husband is an angel. Case in point:

See the little cutie escorting his almost 93 year old grandma home? This is a perfect example of how he treats everyone he knows. He is always trying to take care of everyone. When my little brother comes over to watch the NBA finals, my husband gently places a pillow under brother's head and covers him with a blanket and tucks him in. He tucks him IN the blanket. Like at bedtime. That might be normal if my brother were five, but he is 22 years old. He G-chats with my mom during the day when she is bored at work. He organizes family functions for my family, his in-laws, and then surprises me with them. As I am typing, he is making my meal after working a full day, while I, on the other hand, only worked a half day.

I. love. him. And I am so lucky to be married to him.
Nauseous yet? Good. My work here is done.

Any similar experiences with your lover? Please share. I wanna hear. I can't help myself.

Yours truly,