I have no outfit post for you since it is a work/library until the wee hours kind of day, and the hoodie and jeans I have on does not warrant your valuable time. Instead I just have some things to show you that are making me happy in the deep, dark, depths of finals week. Ready?

These 2 pictures from yesterday's met ball:

First. Hilarious. Poor tiny Ryan must stand up a stair to pose with his girlfriend.
He is just a little guy! So funny.

Next, super prego Kate Hudson looks super gorgeous!
I want in on that when I am prego someday.

The Beauty Department. Have you heard of it? It is Lauren Conrad and her beauty team's new blog, and it is so pretty and fun! My favorite thing I have learned from it so far? Ombre nails. I totally copied.

Dreaming about wearing my graduation dress!

Isn't it the sweetest thing? There is only one problem. Remember how I bought these leopard shoes to wear on graduation? Well, turns out I also found a leopard dress. Freeeeaaak! Will you help? What shoes would you wear with the dress?

Annnnd lastly, my montra for this week where
I feel like I have bit off much more than I can chew:
What is making you happy on this Tuesday?
Will you share? I'm gonna need it!!

Have a grrreat day!