Insomnia, leopard, etc.

Well hi there. Bet you didn't expect to hear from me again so soon, did ya? Well, turns out I am having another one of those nights where my mind just isn't playing fair, and I refuse to do anything productive during the times I should be sleeping, so I thought I'd come and tell you a couple of things. Don't worry though, even in my insomniac state we will still have a theme. We do have standards around here.

Today's topic? Leopard.

First. As S very sweetly mentioned, I graduate from college exactly 2 weeks from today! And what is the most important part of a graduate draped in a gown made of enough black polyester to cover Conneticut when it rains? The shoes! And guess what? Mine are on their way. Wanna see? Brace yourself:

FAB right? Of course, as usual, I cannot take the credit, since S is an online shopping genius and found them for me under $25 at this amazing site you should all pencil in some time to take a good looong look at. It will blow your mind.

Next, leopard belt. Do you ever wish that some of the treasures you find at the thrift store had like, a little description of where they came from and who they belonged to? Like those little trackers you find on dollar bills sometimes? Well I do. Especially with this belt. Because I love it. And I love the sassy lady who originally saw it on the rack at the store and thought: "Yes, I need a leopard belt in my life." That lady right there is my soul sister.

Also, I have found that a leopard belt goes with nearly everything, so I am hoping I feel the same with the shoes. Also, these pants I literally got for under $2 at Old Navy. Not kidding. So enough talk, here's the good stuff:

Necklaces: Claires $7, Top: Charlotte Russe: $10, Belt: Thrifted $1,
Pants: Old Navy $1.70, Shoes: Ross $9.99

Ok. I think that's all for now.
I'm going to go try counting sheep.

Or leopard accesories, perhaps. Yes...I think I am getting sleepy already....

Have a really good weekend, won't you?