This is a big deal.

Remember in this post when I talked about how I scored some major deals in an effort to soothe my soul? Today I am going to share one of those items with you. It is my first maxi dress. This is a big deal.
Today is lovely, FINALLY. Maybe not quite as lovely as I am pretending it is by wearing sandals (my feet are getting so claustrophobic in boots… they need to breathe, even if it means they are a little cold on the morning walk to work), but I am in heaven. It snowed non-stop all weekend. It was torture. But it definitely makes me grateful for days like today. When I can tell myself that spring will actually come. Maybe not uninterrupted by snow every other week, but it will come. And you know what? This type of spring us Utahans enjoy/suffer through makes me so grateful for the days that are nice. And I take advantage of them to the fullest extent.
So here I am, taking advantage of a spring day. A very much anticipated spring day.

{dress: 9.99 Rue21, cardigan: 10.50 Old Navy, Necklace: 4.00 Rue21, sandals: 10.50 Old Navy}

Dear spring, please stick around. I will be so happy and wear cuter clothes. 
Yours truly,

PS-Today is the last day to enter our giveaway! Do it. Or else you will regret it.

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