Retail Therapy.

So this week has been one of those...

One of those where everyday I have worked at least two hours longer than I am scheduled, where the snow/rain has ruined my hair so I have felt yucky, where I haven't had time to eat lunch (aside from the box of Samoas at my desk), where my husband doesn't want to eat what I am craving for dinner, where my car decides that all the "service" lights on the dashboard need to go on, where I have been wearing lots of black, black, and black.

What is a solution for such a week? There is only one that I know of. It's called Retail Therapy. Certainly you are familiar with the practice? Well, I partook in said therapy yesterday. I really should have gone straight home and studied or done homework, but instead I headed to the local ROSS, as well as the Cache Valley Mall (which usually holds no promise), and they were both very very very good to me. And I needed it. And I got killer deals, including two striped dresses (one long, one short), my first floral shirt, cargo skinnies I have been longing for, and a pretty pretty necklace. All for around $40.

Although I didn't buy it yesterday, below you can see a jacket I purchased on one of my previous Retail Therapy sessions.
{jacket: 15.00 Charlotte Russe, skirt: 12.99 TJ Maxx, belt: 2.50 Forever 21, shoes: 7.50 Payless}

And boy, do I feel better now. 


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