Cheap cheap cheap and a little bit of labor.

A lot of you asked about how W made her skirt in yesterday's post. This is one of our favorite tricks. It takes a dress, a pair of scissors, and absolutely zero skill.

You are familiar with dresses of this sort, yes?  Elastic waist, looks like a shirt and skirt but is actually a dress...
{all can be found at}

Well, we have found that these sorts of dresses are very regularly on clearance. Especially at ROSS. Do you know what clearance at ROSS means? Dresses for like $4.99. HELLO. That's like the same price as three bottles of Diet Coke. That's like almost free.

Anyway, find yourself one of those dresses on clearance, cut the top off, and BAM... you have yourself a new skirt for cheap cheap cheap and a little bit of labor. 

So, here is one of my homemade-ish skirts below.

 {jacket: 6.99 ROSS, top: 3.99 ROSS, skirt-previously a dress: 8.99 ROSS,
 belt: 3.00 Kohls, tights: 1.50 TJ Maxx, Shoes: 16.99 ROSS} 

Now go make your own and show us what you come up with! We would love to see.
Happy cutting!


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