Go away!

Okay, so, as you all know, and as W so eloquently put it in yesterday's post, we are all about forcing spring to come to us by dressing like everyday is April 21st. 

I promise someday we will stop complaining about winter, but in the meantime...

Does this first outfit not remind you of some delicious pink lemonade? Mmmmmm... my mouth is watering. Over the outfit and the idea of pink lemonade. By the pool. In 80 degree weather. 

But the truth is, I had to stand in the snow, in my pink lemonade outfit, with frozen toes because the snow got in the crevasses of my shoes.

Dear winter, please leave. I've had enough. Seriously.
{shirt: 3.99, Old Navy; skirt: 10.00, ROSS, tights: 2.99, TJ Maxx; shoes: 18.99, Target}
{shirt: 7.99, ROSS; pants: 4.50, Kohl's; shoes: free, Christmas present; belt: free, came with a dress}

That's really all I have to say.

Any fun plans for Valentine's day? I would LOVE to hear.


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