I need a little Spring in my step...

It’s another freaking cold one in Utah today! And by freaking I mean, NPR told me it was a whole 3 degrees outside when I woke up. THREE! A number so small if you multiplied it by 10 it would only be 30 which is still really cold. These are trying times to be a Utahn, people.

However, I am using a little strategy to bring some heat to this bitter winter. You know how there is that saying about dressing for the job you want? Like, if you want to be some big exec you should wear a suit, if you want to work at Urban Outfitters you should dress like you are homeless? {I kid. I actually really like, like, 70% of the stuff there. But do you feel me? Some of the things they sell look like they were made in 1989, worn by some hooligan, got walked on a lot, then thrown in a landfill, and then hung on their rack for $60. But, I digress...}

Like I was saying, I’m gonna start living that mantra, but instead of dressing for the job I want I’m gonna start dressing for the weather I want. So far I’m pretty sure its working because I have on some seriously springy colors today and once I got to work the temperature shot up to a whopping 12 degrees outside! It’s practically Miami up in here!

Want to join me in my attempt to bring in some Spring?! {Yes, that rhyme was on purpose.} Here are some pretty springy things to help, all under $25:

Shop: Headband, Scarf, Skirt, Bracelet, Shoes, Earrings, Necklace

And here is the springy outfit that is busting
thermostats all across the Wasatch Front:

Blouse: F21 $12.99, Cardigan: Old Navy $5.99, Jeans: F21 $7.99, Shoes: Old Navy $5.99

Come on Spring! Don't tease me!
I want you! I need you! Oh baby, Oh baby.

{name that reference and will be bff's forever}


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