Good Day Sunshine.

I really think that I might be magic.

Seriously. Remember this post? And all my ranting about dressing for spring? Well it just so happens that it has been a glorious couple of good-weather-days in Utah! We're talkin from -2 to around 50 degrees since the weekend, and for Utahns that is practically bathing suit weather. I literally caught myself singing "Good Day Sunshine" as I walked to work. Literally. It was like a musical. A good one with Beatles music. Perhaps set in Hawaii. And everyone dances on the beach. And Carey Grant is there. Or Gene Kelly. But I digress...

Now, I'm trying to maintain my humility with my new gift as I can tell my powers are still in their infancy since tonight a huge blizzard is supposed to be rolling in around here. However, for right now, the sun is shining and it is nice and warm and I’m pretty positive that that has everything to do with all the yellow I’ve got on.

And it's not just any yellow, because when you are trying to direct the weather with your clothing choices you've gotta pull out the big guns. I mean I do love a good mustard cardigan as much as the next girl, but I am talkin bright, sunny, nearly-blinding-to-the-girl-behind-you-in-class-who-would-usually-tell-you-to-take-that-cardigan-off-because-it-is-burning-her-eyes-but-she-won't-because-she-too-is-so-happy-about-your-powers-associated-with-wearing-clothes-that-bring-spring-like-weather, yellow.

Need some inspiration? Then say hello yellow! Yep, I just typed that. Sue me.


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Cardigan: Downeast Basics 12.99, Blouse F21 8.99, Skirt/Belt: Kohls 7.99,
Tights: Kohls 6.00, Shoes: Steve Madden via ROSS 12.99


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