Pinned/Tried/Loved It: DIY Heart Patterned Jeans

Friends, this pinned/tried/loved is a must do. It's easy (I did the whole thing during baby R's afternoon nap). It's cheap (under $8, including the jeans). And you're gonna look CUTE. 

These heart-print cuties were inspired by a pair over at Anthropologie that were originally $198, and are currently on "sale" for a BARGAIN price of $99.95! (Oh, Anthro. Just stop even use the word sale, ok? This offends me.) Here is pin that gave me the idea and here is what I did: 

What you need:
Jeans / Thrifted: $4
Fabric Paint / Michaels: $1.40
Sponge Brush / Michaels: $.50
Heart Punch / Michaels: $2.00 (with Michael's half-off coupon)
Total: $7.90

What you do: 
To make my jeans, I used a little different method than the post I pinned. For example, in the original post she drew a heart by hand to make her stencil. I cannot draw (even hearts. for reals.) and I have a fear of using scissors to cut out tiny things. So, I bought myself a heart punch since it seemed like the $2 it cost would be worth my sanity. Also, in the original pin she used a ruler and marked where each heart should go ahead of time. I iron my clothes with a flat iron, so naturally I skipped this step. Instead, I punched out two hearts on my cardboard and used that as a guide, and it worked great for me. 

I really mean it when I say a dummy could do this project and be successful, so my only word of caution is to make sure there is almost no paint on your brush when you go to fill in your stencil. Dip it in the paint, and then wipe it off. Then, wipe it off again. And maybe one more time after that. Also, there were a couple of hearts that didn't look so much like hearts when I lifted the stencil because I had too much paint on my brush and it spread. However, any crisis was averted by having a damp towel with dish soap on it near by to scrub off the heart and try again.

Easiest project. I love hearts. Super cute. The end.

I pinned it. I tried it. I looooved it.

ox/ W.