That Vest Life

We're back from our insanely fab trip to Atlanta where we visited Plaid Enterprises last week and we can't wait to tell you all about it! I feel so inspired since coming home and want to Mod Podge everything in sight. And while I returned home with a head full of project ideas I also came home with love handles padded nicely with crème brulee, fried green tomatoes, and LOTS of peanut M&Ms (I'm a nervous flier. They're medicinal). So, today I'm thankful for comfy baseball dresses from our friends at Taralynn's Boutique and vests (like this one from Thredup) that hide the fun I had while traveling.

In related news, please refrain from judgement if you see me around wearing vests over church dresses, pajamas, and my swimsuit in the near future. I can't quit you, M&Ms.

ox. Liz

Dress: c/o Taralyn's Boutique
Vest: c/o Thredup
Boots: UrbanOG