My kind of life.

Yesterday I saw a Buzzfeed article about Taylor Swift and how she looked amazing even when she was just leaving the gym. Her little bob and bangs were perfectly placed; she had one of her 50s inspired outfits on with adorable heels; her lips were red red red. And as much as I would love to [first] make it to the gym and [second] look perfect seemingly every second, the reality of my life (and most normal lives) just doesn't lend itself to those kinds of priorities. Most days I am at home keeping a toddler from playing in the toilet or dodging fistfuls of easy mac or working my non-glamorous real-life job. So with that reality, a nice dress, red lips, and rosy cheeks like Taylor just aren't functional. I need clothes that make me look good and feel good, and that make sense whether I am being a mom, wife, or employee.

Cue Journey5 - the cutest shop that caters to my kind of life. Most of their adorable and affordable clothing is designed by a mother of 5 who knows how important it is to have clothes that work with all of life’s journeys. With this cutest Journey5 shirt, I can chase my wild little boy, go on a hot date with my husband, or even have a casual work meeting, and look/feel good through all of it.

So, WHATEVER, Taylor. I am happy avoiding the gym, chasing my baby and rocking my top knot way too often. At least Journey5 has my back.

xo, Sam

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T
Top: c/o Journey5
Booties: c/o Rackroom Shoes