FIve Things Friday!


Here are Five Things we are loving across the internets right now!

1. Love this Iris Apfel-inspired statement necklace Anusha posted this week. Have you watched the Iris doc on Netflix yet? #Goals FOREVER. This DIY is darling and I need my own asap so I can get a good start on being just like that fab Iris.

2. I somehow JUST discovered Fork to Belly this week and the blogging game is changed for me. How cool is this gal? Her posts are so innovative, fun and OH YUM. Like, look at this Lemon Crunch Cake? Oh. Baby. You're gonna be a BIG fan.

3. So, yes. Maybe every spring I include this in a Five Things post but I cannot help it because HOLY CUTE. That's right...I'm talking about the Keds Spring Collection which includes shoes with hearts AND hot dogs this year! Obviously I am losing my dang mind over these.

4. Maybe this was posted in December and maybe you are all annoyed with me because this isn't even close to breaking news but I'm just seeing this post and I NEED these hairstyles in my life in a big way. A little bow made of my own hair? It's like cuteness MADE of cuteness. Give me that.

5. UGH. Did you see the Hamilton cast perform the opening number from the musical at the Grammy's this week? It was too much. If you were living under a deep, dark, rock somewhere and didn't see it, or even worse, don't own the soundtrack yourself, OR don't know what Hamilton is at all (the most grievous sin I can imagine) then first, watch, and second, email me so I can scold/educate/vomit my fan-girldom all over you. It'll be so fun.

Oh man, I'm glad it's Friday. Aren't you?
Now go get those feet up immediately and have a GREAT weekend.

ox. Liz