PLG DIY: Wooden Thankful Wall Hanging

This year one of my resolution's for the new year is to be more thankful. Sometimes with a wild toddler, a full-time workload, this blog, and the ups and downs that just come with being human I forget how wonderful it is to be a mother to a wild toddler, have a job, and just get to take breaths everyday. And since I had some leftover wood hanging around I decided to jump on the opportunity to make a wooden thankful wall sign to hang up as a daily reminder for 2016. Plus, with my Silhouette Portrait by my side it was a piece of cake. Here is what I did...

Wood board
Craft paint
Printable vinyl/printable sticker paper
Cutting machine
Painters tape/transfer tape/contact paper

First, I made the design I wanted on the sign. The Silhouette Design Store also has toooons of adorable pre-made designs to make it even easier if you don't feel like designing your own.
Then, I printed a pattern on the sticker paper and ran it through the Silhouette Portrait.
Next, I pulled off the surrounding sticker paper and used painters tape to transfer the design to the wood.

Last, I added some paint detail to make it fun and give it a pop of color.

And there it is! The perfect reminder to be thankful everyday for the marker on the walls and the DVD's that get pulled off the shelves 100000 times a day. Just make sure to hang it high enough that it doesn't become victim to flying applesauce.

Happy crafting!
ox. Sam