PLG on the Go: Girl's Weekend at the Zermatt Resort

The Zermatt Resort was so so nice to invite us for another visit to their fabulous resort. This time I had a girl's weekend with my mom and we had THE BEST time. The weekend went by so quickly and we never wanted it to end!

This time we got to stay in a 2 bedroom villa, which was another level. We each had our own rooms and bathrooms, a full-sized kitchen, and a living room. We never wanted to leave the room so we ordered lots of room service which was delicious. Zermatt knows how to do food!

We did leave the room for a few things, though. First we had a couple's massage at the resort's spa. The spa is gorgeous and relaxing, and our therapists took great care of us. This was probably the highlight of the weekend. Why can't I get a full body 80 minute massage once a week? Is that too much to ask?!

Of course we also left our room for MORE FOOD. Namely the bakery and their delicious gelato. I may or may not have sampled every flavor. It was a tough decision!

And we did some swimming/hot tubbing. The Zermatt has an indoor and outdoor pool, both of which are beautiful and well kept. So basically it was another weekend that dreams are made of - resting, ordering room service, getting massages, eating more, and resting more.

HUGE thanks again to Zermatt for having us back!
xo, Sam