PLG DIY: Black + White Skull Wreath

My favorite place to go to decorate for Halloween is the dollar store. In my opinion, for this flamboyant holiday the gaudier the better, and the dollar store is always full of the cheap and bright and spooky and I love that stuff. So today, I'm going to show you a fun DIY skeleton wreath you can put together with a handful of dollar store finds to add to your Halloween decor. Here's what I did: 

Supplies Needed: 
-4-5 Plastic skeletons (I found mine at Dollar Tree)
-Wreath form
-Spray paint
-Glue gun/sticks

1. Find your inner Dr. Frankenstein and pull apart all of the skeleton parts and lay them out separately.

2. Spray paint both sides of the bones and the wreath form.

3. Let the bones dry.

4. Attach the bones to the form using the glue gun. Attach ribbon and hang!

So fun and spooky! Your trick of treaters will love it! Or you will love it while you eat all their candy, I don't judge.

ox. Liz