PLG DIY: Iron-On Floral Tennies

Today I have the funnest DIY to share with you! It is so simple, the possibilities are endless, and the final product is so so good. I found some white canvas shoes in the back of my closet the other day, and I decided to revive them to make them more wearable. After searching and searching, I stumbled on this perfect tutorial by Always Rooney (who is a total genius) to use. I love how they turned out!

Canvas sneakers
Iron transfer paper
Floral pattern to print (I purchased this pack from Etsy)
Leather or suede lace
 Step 1: Print your floral pattern on the iron transfer paper.

Step 2: Cut the paper in small pieces. You can trace pieces to fit the shoe, or what I found to be easiest was to cut around small sections of flowers and iron little pieces at a time.

Step 3: Iron the floral all over the shoes (following the instructions for your paper). The iron transfer paper instructions will tell you to put a pillowcase or something thin over the paper while you iron, but that just made it hard to see where I was working. So I didn't use the pillow case, but was careful to not leave the iron on any spot for too long. After peeling the backing off, I tapped the tip of the iron on any areas that looked peely, and washed my iron afterward.

 Step 4: Replace the laces (if you want) with something more fun.

Didn't they turn out great? And now you will always have one-of-a-kind floral feet! So cute.

Happy crafting!
Ox. Sam