Rule Breaker

If you follow any high-fashion bloggers or celebrities on social media then you know that it's New York Fashion week, the time when very tall and pretty people wear a lot of clothes around that are gorg to look at but that 98% of the population will/would never wear. This is also the gathering of the group of people who have made and imposed the fashion rules that we are to abide by. One of which I am blatantly breaking today: WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY, FASHION POLICE LOCK ME UP.

I have a love/hate relationship with these rules, because I do believe that in order for us all to coexist successfully in a happy style ecosystem there must be laws for us all to abide by. I mean, you know how we feel about leggings as pants on this blog, and did we learn NOTHING from when Avril Lavigne was popular (don't even pretend that you didn't wear or think about wearing a necktie after "Complicated" came out). However, some of their rules are just asking to be broken. Like, no wearing of a particular color after a particular date? That is like saying no fudge after December 25th and YOU KNOW how I like my fudge on New Years, in the summer, on Saturdays and whenever it's rainy.

So here I am, on this NY Fashion Week, a fashion rule breaker in white after Labor Day who is probably going to head into the kitchen and whip up a batch of fudge. Take that, Jenna Lyons (or Jenna, if you're reading this, give me all your clothes and then I won't have to worry about rule breaking anymore and that would help a lot)!

What rules are you breaking today?
ox. Sam

Dress: Azbro
Tights: similar
Shoes: similar