PLG DIY: Stamped Elephant Skirt

I was cleaning out my closet the other day, and I found a bunch of items I decided I wanted to revive and with a new season at our heels, my wheels really got turning. This blue skirt was one of them - it's the perfect length, pretty color, and so comfortable. But it was just a little boring for my taste, so I decided to stamp it up to make it more interesting. This DIY Elephant Stamped Skirt was so easy to make (as usual), and is such a fun new/old addition to my closet!

-Stamp (I used Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamps)
-Fabric paint (I used Fabric Creations Fabric Paint)

Step 1: Pour some fabric paint on a paper plate.

Step 2: Dip the stamp in the paint, dabbing it to remove excess paint.

Step 3: Stamp the skirt.

Step 4: Let paint dry, and follow any setting instructions on the fabric paint label.

Isn't it so fun? Think of the possibilities and the updates you could give your closet!

What other ideas do you have up your sleeve to revive your closet for fall? To the comments with you!

ox. Sam