Like a Mom

Last week I cut my hair. To my shoulders. Like a Mom, I thought. Then I wore this long, flowy skirt and a cardigan, with cute but practical shoes, pretty much like a Mom would do, and I was comfy and able to handle my wild toddler without flashing any innocent bystanders and I thought to myself, why does doing something "like a mom" often have a negative connotation? Moms are BOSSES. They make us in their bodies and then they give up their figures and their careers and their long flowing hair and parts of their brains and sanity for us so that we can be happy and learn and feel loved and know how to step outside our front door and own this world.

Doing something "like a mom," whether it be having a mom haircut or wearing mom jeans should be the biggest, baddest, badge of honor we can wear because it's one of the biggest, baddest things a human can do; make humans, raise humans, teach humans good things then send them out to try to make this world better. So whether you're a mom or not, go get on your mom jeans and go out and be a boss just like your momma taught you. Extra points for a cardi and comfy shoes. Now GO!

ox. Sam

Tee: Oasap
Skirt: Oasap
Sweater: Old Navy
Shoes: Dooballo