Deep Thoughts on Diaper Bags

You guys. I'm about to get really deep over a diaper bag. I'll begin with a metaphor. I'd like to think that this bag is a lot like you. It's gorgeous, well made and stylish, but it's even more than that. SO much more. This bag has a hidden treasures. It has a side insulated bottle pocket (and this is where the metaphor comes to an abrupt halt because no lady wants to hear people talking about their insulation, AM I RIGHT?) This bag can change from a handbag to a messenger bag. It has a changing pad and a removable mini organizer bag INSIDE. This bag has more tricks up its sleeve than Houdini and when I use it I feel like equal parts James Bond and Mary Poppins and in case you're wondering, that is a SOLID hybrid of people to feel like. Yep, our friends at StorkSak have done it again. 

Now, since you stuck with me as I compared you to a diaper bag I'm happy to report that we will be GIVING AWAY one of these beauties later this week so that one of you can see first hand what I mean when I say you are like this diaper bag because you are awesome and then you will be like "Thanks, Liz. You are so good at compliments and writing blog posts that totally make sense." 

Happy Monday. 
ox. Liz 
S H O P   T H I S   P O S T
Bag: c/o Storksak
Booties: c/o AMI