PLG DIY: Takeout Box Stamped Pineapple Tee

We, along with everyone else, are obsessed with the pineapple trend right now. And after seeing this perfect pineapple tee on Pinterest, I decided to make a one of my own. Using takeout boxes to create a large stamp is the easiest and cheapest technique, and you could use it to make any design you want. This hand-stamped pineapple tee was so easy, the supplies are simple, and I loved how it turned out!

Takeout boxes (foam plates would also work)
Paint brush
Fabric paint (I used Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink and it's the best!)

Step 1: Cut out flat foam squares from your takeout box(es). I just ran into a restaurant and asked for a bunch of boxes and they gave them to me for free, but I also saw them at Walmart by the paper goods. Or if you eat out, save your boxes!

Step 2: Draw or trace your design on the foam.

Step 3: Cut the outside edges of your design.

Step 4: Apply paint to the foam.

Step 5: Press stamp on shirt, and remove.

Step 6: Let dry. Follow any additional instructions for your fabric paint.

Isn't this the cutest? And think of the possibilities! They are never-ending!

Happy stamping!
xo, Sam