Mom Style Evolution

Most of the time on this blog we like to try and show ourselves on the days we are wearing something a little more exciting than just a simple shirt and jeans. But the truth is, I wear tees and jeans more than anything else in my closet. I think this has something to do with parenthood. I mean, before I had a child, I loved getting dressed. Pairing the perfect top with the perfect bottom and the perfect finishing piece. Since then (by necessity) my style has definitely evolved. I have tried to not let myself go completely, but lots of days I don't see the point in putting on my nice clothes only to have them dirtied and/or ruined by snot, puke, poo, chocolate milk, juice, etc etc. I have also noticed myself staying away from wearing my hair down often or adorning myself with jewelry because there's just SO MUCH pulling and chewing.

Now, I love being a mom to Chance but sometimes things have to change, and we make it work. So here I am, in a basic top and jeans because life is real and messy and sometimes it's easier to handle being down in the trenches when you aren't wearing stilettos.

So, when it comes to my mom-style evolution, one of my favorite places to find mom-approved comfy and sassy shirts with pretty details so I don't feel like total frump town is Groopdealz. So much goodness. If you relate to this post in any way, head over there! AND you can get 10% off using code PRETTY10 through August 16th. Your #momstyle will thank you.

Happy Monday!
xo, Sam

Top: c/o Groopdealz
Sandals: c/o AMI
Jeans: c/o Six Kisses