What are you so dressed up for?

Last week while at the park with my kids I had my hair in my standard topknot and was wearing a casual skirt (like the fab one I have on today from Color Me Apparel). As I was pushing my kids in the swing the mom next to me asked me, "What are you so dressed up for?" I didn't really know what to say because first, I didn't feel like I was dressed up, and second, she asked it with so much disgust it was like she was asking why I was wearing an "I like kidnapping!" shirt at the park. So, I responded that I wasn't dressed up, I just like wearing skirts when it's a bazillion degrees outside because back-of-the-knees-sweat, and my hair wasn't actually in a prom up-do, it was just a topknot and if she knew how much non-hair-washing went into this hairstyle the question she would be asking would be "Why are you so unhygenic?" and in that case I wouldn't question her disgust for me. However, even after explaining this she just raised her eyebrows as if to let me know "Thanks for trying but I still think you are stupid" and stopped talking to me.

Why does this happen, guys? It ticks me off. Can't we just wear what we want and not have to deal with commentary from the peanut gallery? I mean, it's hard enough being a gal out there in the world, but on top of it we have to make sure that every grumpy mom at the park approves of our outfit? Ew. NO. If you want to wear a freaking wedding dress with a cowboy hat and ski gloves to the grocery store because it makes you feel cute or it's comfortable or it's just what isn't in the laundry basket then DO it. And if you happen to see someone else doing that, how about just assuming that what they are wearing makes them happy and if you need to say something make it a compliment and if you can't do that then get your face over to the candy aisle and shove some Blow Pops in it FAST and keep those words INSIDE. Ok? 

It's just, as far as I know there is no such thing as the clothing police and if there was I would be fine to answer their questions about my clothing choices because I wouldn't want to go to fashion prison because I bet you have to wear khakis with pleats in there. But until then I'll be wearing skirts to the park or wedding dresses in the produce section IF I WANT AND SO SHOULD YOU THIS IS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS IT. #FREEDOM

Also, whatever you are wearing today, you look GREAT and I love it. 
ox. Liz 

Skirt: c/o Color Me Apparel (Get 25% off your order by signing up for the Color Me Club!)
Shoes: c/o Dooballo
Tee: Target