Plg on the go: A visit to Rue21 HQ

A few weeks ago on our trip to Pittsburgh I had the chance to spend some time at the headquarters for Rue21. It was the coolest for me because I have been a fan of the brand for years and we have worked with them a number of times here on the blog. There is something so fascinating about seeing the inner-workings of a place you actually shop and for me, this visit only cemented my fandom. Honestly, it was sort of a style bloggers Disneyland and if they had been selling Dole whips there it really would have given The Happiest Place on Earth a run for its money. Here is a peek into day!

The first thing I noticed about the place was that there was cute stuff around every corner. A bangin' maxi dress hanging outside of an office. Some sassy sandals next to a copier.  If I worked there I would have to have a padlock on my wallet or else I would never have money for things like food or a house. In fact, I would probably be buying so many Rue21 things I would just have to live at the headquarters (which would be fine because it is CUTE. Also they have a new home decor line so there would be pillows).

What I couldn't get over at the headquarters was that there is a HUGE, gorgeous, fake store set up inside. Nothing is for sale there, no customers come in to shop, it is all just set up so that the buyers and designers and marketers and other important creative people can see how things are working in the fake store and then send that info out to the real stores. It's like a glorious Rue21 museum and I wanted to admire the beauty allllll day. 

See, I told you. Rue21 has pillows now. I could live here.

Rue21's fab media relations manager and social media coordinator showed me around the place and I couldn't get over the size of the operation. For a company like that there are so many moving parts that work together to produce something great and everyone there seemed so happy to be doing it. I'm guessing they were mostly happy because they were spending their lunch breaks in the fake store licking the cute wedges and stuff but I didn't confirm that. It could just be because it's an awesome place to work. 

As we were walking through I had about a billion questions about the design/buying/marketing process and Deanna was so knowledgeable and good about answering them. It was so cool to hear about how everything comes together to make stores with personality and style. Plus they hold kickboxing classes and stuff there for the employees so you don't want to mess with them. 

THANK YOU Rue21 for the visit! I learned things, I wanted to buy all the things, and I like you all A LOT (just think about the Dole Whip idea for next time though, K?).

And be sure to visit Rue21 to get yourself looking sassy for summer!

ox. Liz