Rompers and Babies

These Our World Boutique rompers are the best, you guys. The details are adorable and they are the perfect comfy swim cover and summer staple. We love them! (Babies sold separately.)

Also, happy belated Father's Day to all the dads who never miss a post on this blog! Who wait with baited breath each morning to open their browsers so they can read along as we pontificate on wedges and Beyonce! We love you, dads! 

(Oh, wait. Dads think reading this blog is like dying a slow death? You're kidding me! Well, I guess I'll get back to talking about rompers. Also, I love wedges and Beyonce, guys.)

Hope you had a great Father's Day weekend!
ox/Sam & Liz 
Rompers: c/o Our World Boutique  (Find Sam's here & Liz's here.)