PLG loves: Hidden Crown Hair

Let's talk about fake hair. Isn't that what you wanted to read about with your afternoon Coke? I thought so. 

I love fake hair so much and have come to learn after all these years as a blogger that if someone has good hair, like, really good, long hair, it's probably because it's not all their own. There are a few exceptions of course, those people who must have been really good angels in heaven and were given some extra love on the day they were handing out hair genes, but it's pretty rare for one person to have all the good hair elements. 

My relationship with wearing someone else's hair on my head goes waaaaay back and guys, I've done it ALL. I have thin, slow-growing hair and as a result I have tried hair that is clipped in, glued in, and everything in between. My favorite kind? Hidden Crown. Hidden Crown is a halo-type extension where the hair is on an invisible wire that you place on your head and cover with your own hair, giving you gorgeous hair without any damage. It is removable, a piece of cake to use, and the hair quality is beyond gorgeous. I'll hit you with the before and after: 

Hidden Crown is a great extensions option for anyone who doesn't have the time or doesn't want to pay for the upkeep of traditional extensions because they don't require visits to the salon and can be put in and taken out easily whenever you want. When you want to be fancy, stick the Hidden Crown in and be JLo, when it's a workout-clothes-all-day day keep them out. 

I have never had more complements on my hair than when I have the Hidden Crown in and my love for it is DEEP. I recommend them big time if you are looking for a quick way to change things up or if you just want to have gorgeous mermaid hair whenever. Hidden Crown! I mean it. 

Have more questions about it? Email me at! Or visit their awesome website to see all the color options, videos on how it works, and everything you need. 

Happy good hair days!
ox. Liz 

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