Like Sandra Dee

Most people have that piece of clothing, or multiple pieces if you are lucky, that makes them feel like a million bucks. You know the one - it fits like a glove, the color makes you radiant, the pattern gives you a spring in your step. Such an item might be the blouse with the bangin fit or the the pants that make you feel like Sandra Dee in those black spandex leggings at the end of Grease when she is dancing all over the carnival. HOT, ya know? You put that thing on whenever you feel like taking on the world, or at least looking dang good in it. Well, guess what? I found mine this week. And it's a dress.

This dress. I mean, just look at it! It's so pretty. It flows. It makes me want to attend a garden party. (P.S. Someone throw me a garden party.) I am in love. I felt like such a princess the day I wore this dress, and I wish I could feel like that every day in all my clothes. I wish YOU could feel like that every day in all of your clothes. Or, maybe you already do, and if so, be my best friend and teach me your ways.

What is in your closet right now that is giving you heart eyes? Fill us in so we can steal it be inspired by it!

xo, Sam

Dress: Oasap
Sandals: c/o AMI