On Weather and Popsicles

Happy Memorial Day, friends! Remember how this day is generally heralded as the beginning of summer and sunshine? Well, it seems as though Utah has yet to receive that memo as it has been cold and rainy here for weeks! I'm not not complaining though - I love the rain and Utah needs water desperately, plus a drought would really cut into my singing-like-Beyonce-in-the-shower-time. #Flawless

So here I am in a few more layers than normal for May trying to bring the summer feels on my own with some florals and blossom-y trees and eating of popsicles and painting my toe nails orange (not pictured but super good). I mean, sure, it would be nice if I wasn't wearing a sweatshirt while I ate my popsicle and if my orange toes weren't hidden inside of booties but you can't have it all and that is why we have popsicles in the first place, as a coping mechanism.

Hope it's warm and sunny where you are! (Or whatever weather is your favorite. I won't force my weather ideals upon you. I just want you to be happy.)

xo, Sam

Booties: c/o Yellow Box