This Coat and other things

Happy Monday! Here are the things I'd like you to know about this post:

1. Yes, my ankles were cold but my feet were cute so whatever, winter.

2. Can you handle little Redd? His kissing/photography skills are unparalleled. He gives the most inventive photography direction such as, "Stand here and say cheese, Mommy." He's a real prodigy.

3. You should know those are not oil spots you see on the coat although my brain keeps thinking they are. My husband assures me that it's just how the camera caught the falling snow, making it look as though I sat in fried chicken before I headed out. Although, if I had the opportunity to sit in fried chicken I'm not sure that I'd turn it down.

4. I loooove this coat from Oasap so much. It almost makes all this snow tolerable and I say almost because the only thing that would actually make the snow tolerable right now is if it melted and became a beach. Also, all Oasap outerwear is currently on sale if your beach is made of snow right now too.

There! Now you are informed about a whole bunch of stuff you didn't need to really know about in the first place. Except the coat sale thing. That should make up for having to read about my fried chicken fantasies. 

Now have a great Monday!
ox. Liz

Coat: c/o Oasap
Leggings: c/o WeLoveColors