PLG DIY: Patterned Picture Frames

Hi everyone! Today I am going to share a simple project to change up some of those old picture frames you have around your house. These were so fun and easy to make, and they add the best little pop of color to my house.

What you need:
Picture frame
Patterned fabric or paper
Craft paint
Mod Podge
Pencil, ruler, scissors/rotary cutter

Step 1: Trace your frame on the fabric/paper.

Step 2: Cut the fabric/paper.

Step 3: Paint the edges of the picture frame. Let dry.

Step 4: Apply Mod Podge to the frame and apply the fabric/paper.

Step 5: Apply Mod Podge over the fabric/paper and painted edge to seal it (and keep the fabric from fraying, if that's what you used). Let dry for a couple hours.

Happy crafting!
xo, Sam