PLG Loves: Bumbo Multi-Seat

Boy, oh boy, do we have something to tell you all about today. Dear readers - meet the new Bumbo Multi Seat. We were already major Bumbo Floor Seat lovers, but the new Multi Seat is a total game-changer. It evolves as your baby grows, serving as a floor seat for your infant, feeding seat as they learn to feed themselves, and a booster seat as they learn table skills - lasting from the time your baby is 5 months until they are 3 years old! And if you are like us, any baby equipment that can be consolidated to save space and money is goooood stuff. 

This thing is seriously so cool. It has straps that are stored inside the seat, but when you are ready to convert it to a booster seat, you pull them out and safely strap it onto a chair. The foam pad, that makes it comfy for your little baby, is removable to create more room as your child grows, and it can be stored right up inside the bottom of the seat. The tray attaches to the back of the seat when you aren't using it, and easily slides right into place when you need it. And obvi Chance and Willa love it too.

You can find one for yourself in-store at Target and on And as if it wasn't good enough, a portion of the proceeds from your Bumbo product purchase will be donated to children in need! Love that. Your babies will be sitting pretty.

ox. Sam & Liz 

(Full disclosure: The PLG was approached and compensated by Bumbo for this review, but all thoughts expressed are our own. Thanks for supporting the companies that support this blog! ox.) 

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