Have you guys ever seen this bit by Jim Gaffigan about how everybody has their McDonalds? It's the best because it's hilarious and SO true. Maybe for you it's watching The Bachelor (I LIVE for that garbage), or reading really really angsty, lovey-dovey YA fiction, or maybe your McDonalds IS McDonalds (I mean, I'm not gonna judge that. Give me all the french fries). I have a sort of obsession with finding out what other people's guilty pleasures are since it says so much about them and reminds me that we're all just a bunch of humans trying to get through the day. So, will you spill? Tell us all the guiltiest of your guilty? I gotta know. 

Also, I wore all these patterns together the other day, FYI. So if major pattern-mixing is considered a McDonalds then I say pass the big macs. And the shamrock shakes. And the tiny apple pies. And supersize the fry please. 

Now GO. To the comments with you! 
ox. Sam

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