Black and Brown

When I was in junior high, I remember keenly sitting down on the first day of school and having to participate in one of those Get-to-Know-You game situations. In this one, everyone had to go around and say their name and their pet peeve. For me, I knew what I was going to say because it was aaaaalways what I said my pet peeve was around that time: "Hello, ummmm, my name is Liz, and my pet peeve is when people wear black and brown together, OMG EW." 

Remember when that was a thing? It being like, a super fashion faux pas to wear black and brown together? For instance, a brown belt with black shoes was OH HONEY NOOOO!? But now, look at me! I have a coat that is black and brown on purpose AND I'm wearing a sweatshirt that is black and brown under it WHILST wearing boots that are black and brown. Plus, I sorta love it. These things go with all the things because they have both colors in them and they are three of the comfiest things I own. 

So look at you now, Junior High me! You've evolved! Now if only society would start to accept sweatpants as business casual the way they have embraced black and brown together then I could really make some meaningful fashion changes. 

ox. Liz

Boots: c/o Crocs
Coat: c/o SheInside
Sweatshirt: c/o SheInside (on sale NOW for $15.99!)
Jeans: F21
Scarf: F21