The Post-Christmas Post

I think I write this post every year, just after Christmas. Some little ditty about trying to make the holidays last longer, basking in the afterglow and such. So here I am again today, still wearing some festive colors, trying to find the freshly fallen snow beautiful and not an annoyance, and eating all the minty/chocolatey things I can get my hands on to make it linger. Plus, Liz and the babes leave on their jet plane tomorrow so a chocolate coma will be a necessity along with a little more Karen Carpenter to sing my sorrows away.

Christmas, why you gotta be so good? If it wasn't for New Years and the possibility of gatherings with more foods you can dip into other foods, how would we go on? Tender mercies.

Hope your Christmas was lovely!
ox. Sam 

Sweater: c/o Oasap
Scarf: c/o Oasap
Blouse: Van Heusen Outlet
Jeans: c/o Six Kisses
Booties: c/o Yellow Box