The Pre-Christmas Dilemma

POLL TIME. I'm wearing a cozy plaid sweater with a little red. It's chillllly outside. The Candy Cane Joe Joe's are decking the Trader Joe's halls. What is your stance on pre-Christmas decorating? That blasted Christmas spirit is nipping at my heels but I have ALWAYS tried to take the moral high-ground and refuse to decorate until after Thanksgiving. Therefore, if I was to hypothetically, maybe, sort of think about putting my Christmas tree up this week, would you approve? Take your answer seriously. We are talking about abandoning my holiday morals here! Also, peer pressure has proven to be a very effective decision maker in my life so the weight of your opinion cannot be underestimated. I mean, I listened to an AWFUL lot of Jack Johnson in my early college years and I hate him so hard but everyone was doing it so....

Now, I ask you. Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas decorating. Yes or No? Make your voice heard! 

ox. Liz 

Diaper Bag: c/o StorkSak (Watch for a giveaway to win your own Poppy bag from StorkSak later this week!)
Boots: c/o Brian James Footwear
Sweater: c/o Oasap