The $18 Skirt

This skirt, this maaaagical skirt that fits like a dream, has the most gorgeous print, and is one of the most lovely skirts in my closet is $18! That's it! That's less than a couple of pizzas, you guys! And while there is almost nothing I would rather spend my money on than pizza, this skirt is awful close to matching my adoration for the stuff. Close, though. I said close. Pizza 4evr. 

Like I was saying, it's cheap! It's pretty! I love it kind of, sort of as much as I love pizza! I'm not gonna quit my day job and go into sales! Exclamations!

Ok, that's enough. This skirt is good, hope your weekend was too, the end. 
ox. Liz 

Top: c/o SheInside
Skirt: c/o SheInside
Necklace: c/o Our World Boutique
Shoes: ROSS