Yellow Tights & Bright Dresses


I took these pictures at happier times. The grass was a little greener, the temperatures a little warmer. Ahhh, memories. Can we do this, guys? Can we handle the icy roads and frozen appendages? Are we cut out for blowing snow stinging our faces and months of tundra-like conditions? I'm not sure. I'm scared. But, I'm gonna keep wearing yellow tights and bright dresses and I'll be baking so hard all winter so if you need support, or just someone to talk to you can run to me. Or shuffle. I don't want you slipping on my snowy sidewalks and suing me. Come to think of it, if you need to talk through the winter blues just call me. I'm probably gonna need all of the baked goods for myself anyways. Winter makes me pretty sad, and also selfish, apparently.

Hawaii can you hear me?
ox. Sam

My diaper bag, a PacaPod, is available online at and in buybuy BABY stores and online too on

Dress: c/o Mikarose
Bag: c/o PacaPod
Sweater: Forever21
Tights: Ross
Shoes: Aldo