Lately Loving

Since we've got ourselves another heart outfit this week, I'll tell you a couple of things I'm hearting these days since you couldn't possibly have anything better to do. 

1. Watching black-market Downton Abbey episodes for season 5. So juicy, y'all. (I watch them here.)
2. All the Airheads I bought for trick or treaters that were mysteriously never given to trick or treaters
3. These pants I'm wearing by Jordache. The perfect neutral camo and less than $17!
4.Yes. I'm a white girl between the ages of 14 and 35. Obvi I am loving the new Taylor Swift album. What can ya do? That shiz is catchy.
5. Daylight savings. (NOT. I LOVE to HATE it. I hate it so hard. Why Americaaaa?)

Now, what are you loving lately? Tell me all about it. 

Pants: c/o Jordache (You can find Jordache here)
Sweater: c/o Oasap
Blouse: c/o Oasap
Shoes: Sheikh Shoes (13.99)