It's a Monday after a holiday. Times are tough. Have you heard that quote from Mindy Kaling that goes "Sometimes you just have to put on lipstick and pretend to be psyched"? Well I say, sometimes you have to put on a trench coat with hearts on it and pretend that you love everything. I mean, no one is going to question whether a person covered in hearts loves stuff, which means that even after a holiday weekend, you can look like you care even if you don't care about a freaking thing. Another bonus of the heart-covered trench? Full coverage of the fun-sized-candy-bar-Halloween-food-baby that has taken up residence at your waistline. 

Or, if even a heart trench won't cure what ails ya, the full series of Gilmore Girls is streaming on Netflix, and if you called in sick to work no one could say they blame you. 

ox. Sam 
Jacket: SheInside
Shirt: Oasap
Pants: Charlotte Russe
Booties: AMI
Necklace: Gift