On the hunt

It can be hard to find good camo-printed pants. I mean, first off they're camouflage, which, by definition is hard to find. (Yes, that was a joke. A Monday quality one, but a joke nonetheless.) Second, it can be a fine line between looking chic and looking like you are trying to catch yourself a caribou when you're wearing the stuff. However, I'm happy to report that I think I've found my perfect pair. Neutral colors, comfy but slim fit, just right for blending in or standing out, and made by Jordache so they are ridiculously affordable. So, ya'll "hunt" no more! You've "caught" yourself the perfect pair! Ugh. Hunting puns are hard. Just go get these camo pants. You'll look so cute.

xo, Sam
Pants: c/o Jordache (sold at Walmart)
Sweater: Old Navy $5 (similar)
Shoes: Amazon $17.99 (similar)