JSYK: 10 Plaid Scarves Under $10

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There is something about October that makes me want to drape myself in plaid. I want to wear it. I want to put a blanket over myself that is made of it. I want to watch Forever Plaid and see people wear plaid and sing about plaid. (That's what they do in that musical, right? If it's not please don't tell me. It would burst my plaid bubble so hard.)

So, today we bring you ten fab plaid scarves for $10 or less so you can be glad and not mad about the cost of your plaid. (Guys, there's SO much that rhymes with plaid it's crazy. The restraint I have used while writing this is outrageous.) 

Now go get some plaid while it's still a fad! (I don't blame you if you never visit this blog again.)